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Vacuum Freeze Dryer (production configuration)

Category: Low Temperature Drying Series
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Product Manual:


Product Overview:

The freeze-dried food produced by this technology has the characteristics of long shelf life, good rehydration, good color, fragrance, taste and nutritive composition. The volume and shape of dried food are basically unchanged, and the matter is spongy, without drying shrinkage. Can be widely used in vegetables, fruits, condiments, aquatic products, biological products, medicines, beverages, specimens and other fields.

Working principle:

Vacuum freeze-drying is a drying method to remove water from solid state and remove moisture from solid state at -30 C in a rapid freezing and vacuum environment.

Product profile

QFD series vacuum freeze drying equipment is a new generation of food processing equipment developed by our company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining the advantages of domestic counterparts' products. The company is a long-term food processing industry to make a new contribution.

QFD series vacuum freeze-drying equipment mainly includes: food pre-freezing system, drying warehouse system, heating system, vacuum system, refrigeration system, material transfer system, media system, pneumatic system, cleaning and disinfection system.

Product features

1. The vacuum system adopts the combination of water seal pump and oil seal pump, the air is initially removed by the high power oil seal pump group quickly and pre-pumped, and the low power Roots water seal pump working in vacuum is maintained. It can reduce energy consumption, at the same time, water seal pump can extract water vapor, which can avoid the drawback of oil seal pump because of poor drainage performance, water vapor makes pump oil emulsification and metamorphism, which leads to system vacuum instability.

2. The heating system is a closed water circulation system. The heating plate temperature is accurately controlled by the three-way regulating valve, and the working temperature of hot water is ensured to 120 ℃.

3. Compared with the split external cold trap, the water vapor path is designed smoothly, the water vapor path is smooth, and the water capture efficiency is improved compared with the split external cold trap with the advantages of shorter path, less resistance and smooth design of the water vapor path. The unique way of single ammonia cycle refrigeration is used in the water capture cooling trap, which is more stable and easy to operate than the general liquid supply method. Medium and small equipment can be refrigerated by Freon and supplied by expansion valve.

Main parameter

Note: we can customize the products according to the characteristics of products, daily output and so on.

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