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Small fluidized bed drier

Category: Fluidized bed series
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Product Manual:

Product profile
Small fluidized bed drier, laboratory fluidized bed dryer, laboratory boiling dryer are refer to this machine,it occupies less than 0.5 square meters, compared with the production equipment, it has less investment, lower cost and smaller equipment volume, Small area, small handling capacity, flexible operation. It meets the needs of scientific research and enterprise new product development and is suitable for universities, research institutes, enterprises engaged in new product research and development, especially expensive products experimental research and production. It can be widely used in medicine, biology, chemical, food, dyes, light industry and pesticide and other fields of powder and granular materials drying.
Product characteristics:
1, The fluidized bed is a circular structure with quick opening connection, easy disassembly and assembly, convenient cleaning, and accord with GMP code.
2, Can monitor the temperature of inlet, material and outlet air in fluidized bed;
3,The air volume of blower can be adjusted according to the characteristics of treated materials to achieve the ideal fluidization effect (frequency conversion control)

4, Dust removal with coated cloth bag (1 um) is adopted to ensure clean operating environment and convenient recovery and treatment of expensive materials.

Working principle:

The air is introduced into the electric heater by the blower. The material is pre-added by the top of the fluidized bed through the air distribution plate. By adjusting the inlet air volume, the material can be kept in fluidized state under the action of hot air, and the fluidization drying of the material can be realized. Dry tail gas is removed by bag dust collector and emptied.

Technical parameters:

Model No.: QFN-LHC-2500

Shape size: 700mm × 700mm × 1600mm

Drying temperature: continuous drying of materials at 35 degrees Celsius

Heating mode: electric heating

Electric heating power: 6kW

Air inlet temperature: 200 ℃ (adjustable, automatic)

Processing capacity: 500g / batch

Drying time: 10 ~ (-60) min / batch

Total equipment weight: 100kg

Control mode: PLC




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