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Small granulation coating machine

Category: Fluidized bed series
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Product Manual:


The minimum handling capacity is 100g; the pellet powder coating equipment which combines spray technology and fluidized coating technology, the bottom spray fluidization, the material has the regular "circular" running track, thus can obtain uniform, continuous film coating.

Product introduction

QFN-BY-1500 ,the multifunctional pelletizing machine in the laboratory is a new kind of solid preparation equipment which combines spray and bottom spray technology.  

Mainly suitable for Chinese, western medicine, food, chemical industry granulation, pelletizing, coating. Such as pre-tablet granules, hard capsule granules, Chinese, Western medicine granules and beverages in solid drinks (solid instant granules, especially suitable for sustained-release capsules, granules.


Working principle:

1,Boiling granulation: material powder particles, in the feedstock container (fluidized bed), are fluidized, preheated and mixed by heated air after purification, and sprayed into the adhesive solution by atomization. A number of particles are assembled into aggregates containing binders. Due to the continuous drying of materials by hot air, the water in the aggregates is evaporated and the binder solidifies. This process is repeated continuously to form ideal, uniform, multipore spherical particles.

2,Bottom spray coating: the pellet powder coating equipment which combines spray technology and fluidized coating technology. The material has a regular "ring" running track, so it can obtain uniform and continuous film coating.


Product features:

1,Set drying, granulation, shot making, coating a variety of functions in one.

2, Drying of powdery, granular, bulk materials;

3, Powder granulation, shot making, coating;

4,Chinese medicine spray granulation and coating.

5,Preparation of 10-30 mesh large granule granules.

6,Powder, pellets, gastric dissolution, intestinal dissolution, slow-release film coating.

7,Cover flavor, moisture, oxidation, heat, waterproof, coloring, isolation coating.


Technical parameters:

Model No.QFN-BY-1500

Structural form:Integral movable mode (desktop)

Outer size: 1.5*1*2.2m length * width * height

Heating: 380V by electric heating

Total power: 9KW (electric heating 6KW)

Fan Power: 3 KW

Compressed air consumption: 1m3/min

Air inlet temperature: 100℃ (precise control of SCR)

Production capacity of top jet granulating: 1kg/h

Production capacity of bottom spray coating: 0.5kg/ batch

Whole machine weight: 500kg

Control mode: touch screen, PLC automatic control




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