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Small flash dryer

Category: Fluidized bed series
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Product Manual:


Minimum handling capacity 100g; suitable for drying thermosensitive materials, because dry materials are only subjected to high temperature at an instant (just stay 2-3 seconds), they are only instantly heated and can keep the active ingredients from being damaged after drying.

Product overview:

QFN-SZ-1500 laboratory flash dryer is also known as small flash drier and experimental flash dryer, which covers 1.5 square meters and convenient for cleaning equipment. It is suitable for new products research and development for universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and so on. It has broad spectrum applicability for all filter cake, paste, thin mud material and so on. It is suitable for drying of Thermosensitive Materials, because it is just stay 2-3seconds when drying, so it is only instant heated, it can keep the material from being destroyed after drying. It can be widely used in the drying process of food, medicine, pesticide, fine chemical, dyestuff, pigments, feed and so on.

Working Principle:

The hot air is pumped in by the blower and tangentially enters the main tower of the flash dryer through the air inlet at the bottom of the main engine. In the main tower of the flash dryer, the spiraling and high-speed rotating air flow is formed, and the bottom ring gap is adjusted according to the different material properties. The wind speed is in a good fluidization state. The material enters the flash drying tower directly through the spiral feeder, and under the impact and drive of the high speed airflow, the material is dispersed rapidly and rotates with the air flow at high speed.

For the larger and wetter pellets, the high velocity flow is not enough to break it and rotate at high speed, so it falls gradually under gravity, and when it falls to the bottom of the main engine, the crusher placed at the bottom breaks and particulates. And then the drying process is completed by rotating and rising with the high speed air flow.

In order to make the final moisture of the material reach a very low level and not be affected by the fluctuation of the initial moisture, a swirl sheet is arranged at the top of the drying tower to form a more stable fluidized bed. At the same time, the swirl sheet also plays the role of ensuring the drying of the necessary residence time and classification.


Product Feature:

Model No.: QFN-SZ-1500

Size: 1.4*1.2*1.7m Length * Width * Height

Heating mode: 380V electric heating

Mainframe power: 7.5kW ( electric heating: 6kW)

Inlet air temperature: 220 ℃ (adjustable, precise control of SCR)

Moisture evaporation: 2kg/h

Minimum handling capacity: 100g

Mainframe inner diameter: 130mm

Engine speed: 960rpm

Blowing Volume: 200m3/h

Drying residence time: 2-3s

Total equipment weight: 100kg

Control mode: PLC touch screen




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