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Negative - pressure low - temperature mixed drying machine

Category: Low Temperature Drying Series
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Product Manual:


Product overview:

It is a high-efficiency multi-function closed vertical vacuum drying equipment which integrates drying, grinding, vacuum distillation and powder mixing. Its drying efficiency is 1 to 2 times that of double cone rotary vacuum dryer of the same specification.

Product features

1, Strong applicability: combined with the company's special drying process, can adapt to large viscosity, poor thermal penetration, easy ball, easy to block paste material drying.

2, Large production capacity: large loading capacity, up to 80% of the effective volume of the container.

3, High drying efficiency: the effective heat transfer area is large, 1.4 times the area inside the vessel; the material is spiraled up in the device, then the swirl is decreased along the main axis, and effectively and uniformly heated in the dispersing motion; the high vacuum of the head is combined with the high speed air flow at the same temperature at the bottom of the machine. High efficiency solvent to remove material; double channel vacuum pipe mouth to prevent vacuum clogging, reduce resistance and increase air extraction rate.

4, No damage to material form: no damage to materials with high thermal sensitivity and quality requirements. Dry process full seal nitrogen protection production, no cross-contamination, high cleanliness, high safety grade. Small gap between agitator and vessel wall can effectively prevent the material from sticking to the wall surface.

5, Meet the requirements of aseptic production: online-SIP&CIP and online-aseptic sampling can be selected. The upper and lower, the whole production process seal production to meet the new GMP production requirements.

Effect comparison table

Note: the above-mentioned materials dried by this equipment have passed the residual solution or dry-wet detection of the clients, all up to the standard.

Technical advantages: compared with the old drying equipment, the single cone dryer works under fully closed working conditions.

(1) The rapid drying speed of the spiral stirring can lift the material from the bottom to the highest point and then spread freely and continuously. As a result, the material moves continuously in the jacket and spiral heating zone.

  The heating area is increased;

  The material is moving under the condition of keeping loose.

(2) In the process of material drying, the backblow system of the collector can make the vacuum pipe unobstructed and achieve the auxiliary function of rapid drying.

3.The effect of Nitrogen

For example

when the vacuum pump reaches 0.99 Pa, the dryer also reaches 0.99 Pa. So the water taken away by the dryer which the solvent can no longer draw it from the trap, they have balanced. At this time, the balance needs to be broken. The nitrogen supplement system of our company can replenish nitrogen from the bottom of the material under the condition of not affecting the vacuum, and then the menstruums will be sent into the Vacuum trap to take the water suspended in the pot out of the vacuum trap.

  Nitrogen can protect the material from oxidation, and play a stable role in the process of heating and drying.

 Nitrogen can prevent combustion and explosion.

 when nitrogen enters the dryer at the same temperature, the condensation does not occur, and at the same time, the 5-8mm material at the bottom is pushed up to eliminate the phenomenon of dead-angle agglomeration.

4. The temperature measurement system developed by our company is qualitatively different from that developed by others: our temperature probe is between the shaft and the jacket. The middle temperature is the most accurate, and the temperature inserted from the jacket is inaccurate because the jacket is heated.

5. The cleaning of single cone dryer has some difficulty, especially on the back of the blade, our company has made a special cleaning gun for cleaning it.

6. According to the requirements of pharmacopoeia, to protect the environment and workers' bodies, our company has developed a container. The function of the silo is to completely seal the material, and the dry material is discharged from the single cone without raising ash, which can protect the environment and protect the worker's body.

Technical parameter:


Technical advantages of equipment:

1.      Rotary joint, which is independently developed by the company, has inner belt sealing rotary joint to prevent leakage.

2.      Stainless steel semi-ball valve, which is independently improved by our company, is a nitrogen gas port. The detail should see the specific description of nitrogen gas supplement device.

3.      Dust catching device, which is independently designed by our company, and the device is simple, easy to be replaced, according to the particle size of different powder, different filters can be selected.

4.      Agitator blade, which is independently developed by our company, has patented single-belt agitator.

5.          Nitrogen heating device, which is independently developed by our company, has coils with synchronous heating and cooling with jacket.




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